Pay Your Bill

Lowering your energy costs is easy once you know where to start. And that’s what our free online energy analysis is all about. With answers to some basic questions—about things like the age and condition of insulation, electronics and major appliances— you can finally pinpoint the energy wasters in your home. Even better, you’ll know exactly what to do about them, thanks to 24-hour access to our easy-to-use tools.

 Smiling is easy when things cost less. That’s why you’ll have a huge grin on your face when you plant your new shade tree—at half the cost. Right now, we’re giving cash rebates equal to 50% of the price of a new tree, up to $50 per shade tree. So while you enjoy a new favorite spot to read, you’ll also be enjoying extra green above your head and in your wallet. Plus, that well-placed shade tree can help reduce air conditioning costs in the summer, increase the efficiency of your air conditioner, and act as a windbreak. And, when the leaves fall off, allow warm sunlight to enter your home during the winter.  The Tree Power application is available here.